Helping Children for a Better Tomorrow

Tareq Mahamud Sajib

More than a third of the world’s primary school-aged children can’t read, write, or count;
that’s more than 250 million children aged between five and twelve. Education gives the
children a chance to gain the knowledge and skills needed to improve their lives and
helps them to get out of poverty. But it is also true that millions of children never see the inside
of a classroom. Many families worldwide prefer to send their children to work or keep
them home to help with the chores rather than sending them to schools because of
extreme poverty and hunger. Many children are unable to attend school because they are
needed to earn money and thus by sacrificing their education; they become trapped in the
‘Cycle of Poverty. Some children do not have access to schooling but for many others,
going to school does not result in education due to the lack of qualified teachers and poor
school infrastructure. The children of today are the guardians of tomorrow. If we want to
have a better and more glorious and prosperous future for the world than what we have
right now, there is no alternative to investing in the next generation. Providing quality
education and creating opportunities where the children can have a chance to flourish
their creativity are the most important investments and that is how we can have the most
impact. Any child who gets a chance to receive decent education has a greater chance of
being elevated out of poverty despite being born poor. With proper education, they can
hope to get better jobs, lead richer lives, and fulfill their potential. Even lives can be
saved by proper education; for example, mothers who are educated can make better
decisions when their infants are sick and take preventive measures. As per a UNESCO
estimate, every year more than 189,000 women’s lives would be saved and deaths of
under-five children would fall by 15%only if all women completed primary education.
Education, the children, and their well-being are always the key focus of Al-Khair
Foundation. In fact, the organization itself began as a school for the children from where
it evolved into a charity focusing on other global issues like emergency relief, livelihood
support, health support, WASH, shelter, hunger, etc. Al-Khair Foundation has been
sponsoring children for their education, food security, healthcare, and clothing. The
organization has dedicated itself to providing support for at-risk children and orphans. In
Bangladesh, Al-Khair Foundation has been partnering with other local and international
organizations to extend its support to the children so that we all can have a better future

Country Director, Al-Khair Foundation Bangladesh